WOW - it has been SOME TIME....

I've read through journals every chance I've gotten which is not far enough!

Life has been SO BUSY!

My hubby finally advanced! Much deserved he's now a E-7 in the Navy - the transition is killing us though! Approximately 4 weeks and counting down until the hardest part is over!

Besides that and just keeping the house in SOMEWHAT of a decent appearance has almost consumed me! I miss all my LJ pals and hope all is well! Everyone that reads this please reply with a brief update of how life is treating them and all that I have missed in the past couple months!

Ang =o)
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I NEED A QUICK FAVOR - will only take a second

A friend of mine sent me a email -

Our city is in a competition to become Hockeyville. We need all the votes we can get.
If you could take a minute and cast your vote for Prince George, in the Pacific division at this website, I'd really appreciate it!

I'd appreciate it if you could go there real quick and vote for her.

All you have to do is enter a email address and pick PRINCE GEORGE

Thanks in advance -
Ang =o)


I feel like I'm on a roller coaster and I can't get off!

Life has been totally hectic and crazy for me for the past few months.

Hubby's Grandfather passed away in January - we went home for the services - a quick 4 day trip. We came home and with trying to get the kids caught up on school work - us both getting caught up on Febrary ( IT HINK ) Greg went out of town for a week to Millington, TN. ( This is where Ryan was born - our first duty station/house together...etc. )

The day before he's due to come home - his Grandmother passed away. He was home for less than 12 hours before I was taking him to the airport. The kids and I didn't go this is just so hard pulling them out of school for any ammount of time. Plus, Greg wanted to fly - if he had driven I wouldn't have let him go alone on a 8 hour road trip after just learning that he lost Grandma. I was so sad that I couldn't be there -

His Grandparents were the most amazing couple I've ever known. They were married a couple mths short of 62 years. Grandpa battled alzheimers for his last few years...but Grandma is the one person he never forgot. The story leading up to his passing is amazing....soulmates til the very end. Grandma and Grandpa never spent a Anniversary apart that their 9 kids knew of and Grandma passed away 2 days before what would have been their 62nd Anniversary. She actually passed away a hour or so short of being exactly 2 mths after Grandpa.

Then there is the kids in Boy Scouts - T-Ball - Baseball - Teen Youth Group - work - housework - I have no time for anything anymore. I was bowling once a week too....this pass Tuesday was my last night of that.

I have gained a few lbs but nothing major.....HOWEVER, I am so NOT TONED and HATING MYSELF! Yesterday I walked 3 miles with my boss after we got home from work. ( my boss is my neighbor ) I am determined to be bathing suit worthy before the Pools Open.

I'm rambling

Just wanted to let anyone on my list who may have read this know...I DO STILL READ YA =o) I just don't always have the time to comment.

Hope everyone is well
Ang =o)
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A cool bit of useless info

On Wednesday of next week,

at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning,

the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

I suppose this will happen in the next millennium also

(no subject)

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
It may feel like you're just chasing your tail, but hang in there -- the situation is going to stabilize very soon. In fact, when everything shakes out, things are going to be much brighter than you would've expected.

I am SOOOOOOOOO not ready for Christmas.... kiddos are taken care of for the most part. I guess that is the most important part - but, I haven't bought for anyone else. *sighs* I just wish I had a wishlist from our parents - life would be so much easier!

I'm thinking of a GC for a nice dinner somewhere for My Mother-In-Law and her husband....the same for my Dad and his wife.

My Mom is the hardest part and I still haven't heard from her =o(

Is everyone else finished buying?

Everyone keeps asking me what I want - I want tons of things but can't think of one of them! I only know I want them because I know I always pick something up and put it back because I don't want to spend too much and I'd rather buy something for someone, if only I'd write down what they were at the time I'd have a huge WANTS LIST! LMAO

Ang =o)

Ugh - this damn tummy virus....

Thursday at 11 O'clock I had settled in bed when I heard a thump of feet hitting the floor and running to the bathroom. It was my poor lil' Ian - he threw up all night long. I disinfected everything - he missed school the next day. Come to find out 14 kids out of the 19 in Ians class were out on Friday. It didn't end here! We had soccer games for all 3 kids on Saturday and then afterward had two conflicting end of the year parties - I took Ian and Kylee and Greg took Rye. On the way home - Kylee upchucked her pizza in the back seat of our truck! UCK - she was sick all evening and into Sunday. Once again I thought it had passed and then Monday it hit Rye. TUESDAY it hit me! Gawd - Moms aren't suppose to get sick!!!! I'm still not feeling my best today but life goes on! Cross your fingers that this passes fast and that it is DONE with our household.

I am still alive and reading journals =o) I just haven't had time to reply to everyone with working, soccer practices/games, league bowling, homework with the kids..etc. The good news is SOCCER IS DONE - Basketball & cheer doesn't start until January so I MIGHT get time to catch my breath and post a little more!

Happy Hump Day

Ang =o)
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